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Surgical Pack

Caesarean Surgical Pack

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Caesarean Surgical Pack is designed for the surgery to have the new baby. C-section pack is used in the sterile operation room for the surgery needs. Created specifically for procedure necessity and clinician's preference, our extensive pack line offers a variety of options for every customer. 
Caesarean surgical pack include: clip; hand towel ;baby wrapper, caesarean drape; wrapping cloth; instrument table cover, reinforced gown

1pc  Caesarean Drape 200*300cm

2pcs  Hand Towel 40*40cm

1pc  Instrument Table Cover 150*200cm

1pc  Baby Wrapper 75*90CM

1pc  Wrapper 100*100cm

1pc  Clamp ST

2pcs  Reinforced Surgical Gown L

Main Product Feature

① Caesarean Drape: Main Part In This Pack, Specifically Designed For Caesarean Surgery.

② Reinforced Gown: Worn With High Protectiveness, Which Can Prevent The Penetration Of Blood, Grease, And Alcohol.

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